Private Training

While LMS Defense conducts a number of standard courses across the country throughout the year, we also conduct private training for various groups. If there is particular training that you need and either it is not on the schedule or not in your area, contact us about hosting a course. We frequently conduct courses for:

  • Law Enforcement teams
  • Military teams about to deploy
  • Ladies only classes
  • Private groups (gyms, clubs, etc.)
  • Individuals
Group size is dependent upon location and availability of instructors and range safety officers (RSOs).

International Training

LMS Defense is unique among many training providers in that we are experienced at providing training on an international basis to U.S. allies. We have a proven track record of providing advanced weapons and tactics training to various international police and military forces. Our instructors have trained professionals in over 20 countries. Contact us for more information about your training needs and how we might help.