"Training for tomorrow's fight"

It's a simple question. If, God forbid, you find yourself in a bad situation, would you rather have the tools and as much training as possible to defend yourself and your family; or are you comfortable to just wing it? In my world, hoping for the best is not a strategy.

John Chapman


LMS Defense is a coordinated group of professional weapons and tactics instructors. We provide training to concerned citizens as well as law enforcement and special tactics teams both here in the United States and in friendly foreign nations.

Founded in 2006 by John Chapman, Josh Jackson, and Troy Price, LMS Defense instructors provide a variety of training ranging from citizen concealed carry classes all the way to close quarters battle (cqb) and night vision operations. We routinely host classes in several states, including California and Nevada, with several unique training facilities available.

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The LMS Home Defense class was a turning point in my firearm education. It's one thing to be able to shoot at a target but effectively wielding your firearm in a lifelike situation when someone is shooting back is something altogether different. It's the difference maker when your life or the life of your loved one is in danger. My priorities in coming to LMS were to establish an effective home defense plan and to gain the skills necessary for carrying it out if ever the need should arise. The knowledge and practical experience that I have gained from this course are substantial and a crucial progress for me toward achieving these priorities.