About Us

LMS Defense is a coordinated group of professional weapons and tactics instructors.
We provide training to concerned citizens as well as law enforcement and special tactics teams.
We perform product development, product testing and evaluation(T&E), private consulting.


John Chapman

John Chapman

LMS Defense was founded in 2008 by John Chapman, Josh Jackson, and Troy Price, and acquired outright by Josh Jackson in February, 2017. Our cadre of instructors provide a variety of training possibilities and we consider them to be one of the best in the industry, with varied backgrounds across law enforcement, military, and private contracting. Despite their extensive backgrounds, our instructors continue to hone their craft by continually evaluating new techniques and equipment as well as training with other top industry instructors. Our students appreciate the fact that our course material is ever evolving - as it should be - as the real world evolves so should our courses.

Our instructors have provided advanced weapons and tactics training to police and military forces to U.S. allied governments with a long track record of success. Contact us for more information.

In addition to training, LMS also provides product development and test and evaluation (T&E) services. We routinely evaluate new products from top manufacturers of rifles, flashlights, ammo, armor, and nylon gear. Contact us today if you have a project you think we could help with.

Continue reading for details on locations we teach at regularly as well as some of our unique facilities. Then take a look at our upcoming schedule and get yourself signed up to come train with us.


LMS Defense has instructors based in several states and routinely hosts courses in many of them. Not all courses are offered in all areas, however, given the expertise of each instructor and their geographic availability.

If we don't routinely host a class in your area, email us and we can either let you know when we plan to hold the next course, or if there is enough student demand we will create the course on the schedule for you.

You can also host a course in your area and our instructors will travel to you. See our private training page for more details on hosting a class and private training.

See our schedule for the most up-to-date information on upcoming courses nearest you.


In addition to holding classes at popular public shooting ranges, LMS Defense maintains a relationship with several unique training facilities across the country. These facilities offer students unique training opportunities which are not available at public ranges.

"The Ranch"

South of Hollister, California, LMS Defense conducts courses at a privately owned 1,700 acre facility known as "The Ranch". The Ranch is a unique training venue providing an expanse of very difficult terrain for courses like Long Range Precision Rifle, Land Navigation, ATV Operations, and our Practical Carbine course, which includes various "jungle lane" scenarios using natural terrain. The Ranch is especially interesting for our long range shooting classes, providing distances up to 2,000 yards, high and low angle shots, various canyons, spurs, and ridgelines that create nearly every wind condition possible. The Ranch also provides for nighttime operations, allowing LMS to create realistic team training scenarios that combine movement, navigation, and tactics under night observation devices (NODs).

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