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Practical NVG

This course is designed for the novice to intermediate NVG owner/operator with experience using both a carbine and handgun. Upon completion of the course the student will have an understanding of how night vision devices and multi-function aiming lasers (MFAL) operate as well as laser eye safety procedures and the differences in capability between commercial and restricted power MFAL’s.

Students will learn to set up and properly maintain their night vision equipment, zero the MFAL and learn weapons handling skills specific to working in a no light environment. Due to the unique layout of “The Ranch” students will engage targets from contact to 100+ yards in both exterior and interior environments. A significant focus will be placed on movement, target identification, problem solving in a no light environment and transition to white light. This course will have students walking on varied terrain in darkness, although portions of the class will take place on a flat range much of the course will take place in natural conditions. Students attending the course should be in good physical condition and able to walk short distances uphill, downhill and side hill.

The Law Enforcement/MIL version of the class will include coursework specific to those fields including discussion on policy development, case law, as well as operational and tactical considerations.

Prerequisites: Current Law Enforcement Officer/ US Military/ Military Contractor with CAC card or Civilian who has completed Carbine 1 and Pistol 1 or the equivalent with a recognized training provider (certificates required upon request).

Equipment List:

  • Carbine with sling, 3 magazines and ZEROED optics (There is no time allotted in the course for zeroing red dots)
  • Carbine mounted light
  • Multi-Function Aiming Laser (MFAL) WE WILL ZERO THIS IN CLASS
  • 4 magazines (carbine)
  • Magazine pouches for carbine
  • Chest Rig or Plate Carrier (recommended)
  • Handgun with 3 magazines
  • Holster, pistol magazine pouch and sturdy belt
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Headlamp (recommended)
  • Helmet (Ballistic or bump) with NVG mount or other NVG head mount (i.e. Crye Nightcap)
  • Night Vision Goggle with interface for helmet
  • Clear eye protection
  • 2 sets of batteries for each device (minimum)
  • Gloves
  • Weather appropriate clothing (i.e. raingear), appropriate hiking boots / footwear
  • Personal water supply to cover 2 full days of heavy activity
  • Food (dinner for day 1/3 meals for day 2/ breakfast day 3)
  • Sleeping bag / pillow
  • Note book and pen
  • You should be packing for two intensive days in the outdoors and be prepared for a variety of weather as it can change rapidly.

Round count: 300 (minimum) rounds carbine ammunition, 100 rounds pistol ammunition, (LE/MIL STUDENTS BRING 100 ROUNDS SIMUNITION/UTM for carbine and conversion kit, some UTM bolts are available and UTM ammo available for purchase)

LMS Defense has a limited number of night vision goggles, helmets and MFAL’s available to rent through Night Ops Tactical. Contact Lisa Jackson regarding rental equipment and pricing.

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  • Regular price $575.00

Student Registration Information

*If there are no seats remaining, you can be added to the waitlist by emailing registrations@lmsdefense.com with the name, date, and location of the course.

A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to reserve your seat in the class, normally collected within a week after registration. The remaining balance will subsequently be collected 5-7 days before the class.

Student initiated cancelations at least 14 days prior to class date are refundable MINUS a $25 per day processing fee.
Student cancelations less than 14 days prior to class are NON REFUNDABLE.

Students should expect classes to run rain or shine, though LMS reserves the right to cancel due to extreme weather (cold, snow).
LMS initiated cancelations will receive a full refund.

Refunds may be applied as credits at the student's discretion. Credits remain valid for 2 years.

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