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Evolution of Mindset

The Level 1 course in the Evolution of Mindset Series is an intense experience that is fast-paced and designed to elevate your skill sets to the next level of performance. The Mindset Weapons System Formulas (Dynamic Autogenics©) go beyond helping you achieve a high score in your chosen shooting activity but is the ultimate weapons and tactics administrator that may be a determining factor in your survivability. The Evolution of Mindset Weapons System Course at LMS Defense may be the most mentally and physically intense two-day course you will ever experience but acquiring the ability to use the Mindset Weapons System Formulas may be the difference between basic competency and becoming a skilled weapons manipulator and decision maker. The course is designed to teach you methods for reducing and eliminating the adverse effects of the Combat Stress Paradigm (auditory exclusion, fine motor skills deterioration and cognitive dysfunction). Typically, in most courses, the topic of mindset is only a brief presentation or afterthought with little or no application. The Mindset Weapons System Course at LMS Defense brings the mindset component to the forefront of training. . Each day specially designed scenarios will test and refine your ability to apply The Mindset Weapons System Formulas© to the Challenge Scenarios. During the scenario challenges each participant will be wearing a heart rate device that will provide real-time heart rate data to the instructors. This data stream will enable immediate feedback and enhance the development of an individual Mindset Effectiveness Zone (MEZ) for each student. The Evolution of Mindset Course, Level One, has been designed to place you in (controlled) high stress/failure/fear situations where you will have the opportunity to utilize and practice the Mindset Weapons System Formulas to maximize your performance.

Prerequisites: Carbine or Pistol fundamental training from a reputable company. 

Equipment List:

  • Force on Force weapons and face mask will be provided
  • Personally owned airsoft guns with holsters/bb's and face masks are optional and will be inspected prior to use
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Hat or other head/neck covering
  • Protective cup (men & women)
  • Cover garment if you regularly carry concealed

Round count: NA (airsoft)

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Student Registration Information

*If there are no seats remaining, you can be added to the waitlist by emailing registrations@lmsdefense.com with the name, date, and location of the course.

A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to reserve your seat in the class, normally collected within a week after registration. The remaining balance will subsequently be collected 5-7 days before the class.

Student initiated cancelations at least 14 days prior to class date are refundable MINUS a $25 per day processing fee.
Student cancelations less than 14 days prior to class are NON REFUNDABLE.

Students should expect classes to run rain or shine, though LMS reserves the right to cancel due to extreme weather (cold, snow).
LMS initiated cancelations will receive a full refund.

Refunds may be applied as credits at the student's discretion. Credits remain valid for 2 years.

By submitting this form, I certify I have no criminal convictions that prevent me from legally possessing, owning, or purchasing firearms, have no official or unofficial history of mental illness or substance abuse, have never been affiliated with or belong to any gang or other illegal organization involved or engaged in any illegal activities, and have not been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces.