LMS Defense

Ballistic Shield Instructor

The LMS Defense Ballistic Shield Course is designed to teach the student various methods of use for a ballistic shield in patrol and tactical level room clearing, vehicle approaches and suspect control. The course will include live fire and force on force marking cartridge training. Students will learn to function as a single shield user and in two man teams.

 Upon completion of this course the officer will be familiar with:

  1. Movement with the ballistic shield as a solo officer and as a member of a two man team
  2. Deployment of the shield for cover
  3. Shooting, reloading, and clearing malfunctions while using a shield in daylight and low light
  4. Room clearing while using a ballistic shield including hallway movement and liping
  5. Vehicle approaches and other unique applications
  6. Suspect control directing and pins and arrest techniques
  7. Visible laser use if applicable
  8. Force on force scenarios


  • Ballistic shield (minimum 1 per each two man team)
  • Duty belt with handgun and three magazines
  • Patrol rifle with sling and 2 magazines
  • Weapon mounted and or handheld flashlight
  • Ballistic vest
  • 100 rounds handgun
  • 50 rounds rifle 
  • Simunition/UTM conversion kits or dedicated guns for handgun and rifle
  • 15 rounds handgun marking cartridges
  • 10 rounds rifle marking cartridges
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Water/ snacks
  • Note taking materials 
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